Car Tarpaulins

We produce car tarpaulins of any size with display advertising or vehicles and for all types of constructions and facilities.. We use modern technologies and only first-rate materials in cooperation with proven European manufacturers. We will gladly repair damaged tarpaulins for you.

At the same time, we offer the production and repair of products made of PVC canvas, textile canvas, leather products and other materials that can be hot-air welded or sewn.

Tarpaulin Constructions

We produce tarpaulin warehouses, podiums, or shelters according to the specific requirements of a client. We execute textile membrane constructions and tarpaulin roofing for gazebos, restaurants, sports, and recreational facilities, and steel structures. We provide complete warranty service for both tarpaulins and structures.

Different Types of Tarps and Usage of PVC

We produce canvas tarps constructed using highly breathable materials that allow the passage of air through individual fibers. They provide a great cover to sandpits or playgrounds. A popular service in the summer season is the installation of UV-protected tarps for pergolas, terraces, swimming pools, and transom. We also offer clear PVC tarps, mesh tarps, and a tarp with high strength that would resist breakage or tear from fierce winds gazebos, pergolas, or terraces. We use PVC canvas, laminated POE fabric, PAD. We will be happy to take care of tarps installation of any kind.

Atypical Tarpaulin Solutions

The production of special tarpaulin solutions, such as sliding, flame retardant tarps of halls and workplaces, tarpaulin hoods pressing bags, or biogas tanks is a real enrichment of our more than 25 years’ experience and practice. Tarps are usually coated with special materials such as flame-retardants or corrosion-resistant materials.


Our agency provides services including consulting, design, and comprehensive product implementation. We offer the production of advertising banners and billboards.We advertise for car tarpaulins and PVC tarpaulin by printing with paints based on liquid PVC. To create various stickers, we use plotting technology, which allows trimming of already printed full-color motifs into any shape. We also offer our customers large format printingand high-quality digital UV printing. We produce effective backlit 3 advertising with LED, which is made of lightweight foam materials.

Implementation of Infosystems

We offer the development, design, and comprehensive implementation of information systems, advertisements, stands and other atypical objects for your business facilities..

Party Tents and Inflatables

You can find a wide range of tents, stalls, party tents, , or various types of inflatables.. Party tents have become a popular solution for all types of social events with a wide range of usage. We offer production and rental of products, just choose one.

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